Ozark Pasture Beef is a partnership of farms who are all committed to producing beef in a natural, environmentally sustainable manner. Our beef and lamb is 100% grassfed and grass finished throughout their lives.  We graze the cattle and sheep on lush, green grass, allowing for time and mother nature to provide us with a healthy, quality animal to produce quality beef for your family. 

A few words about us

Ozark Pasture Beef has not been fed any antibiotics, implanted with additional growth hormones, or received any grain or grain by-products. Just 100% all-natural beef and lamb, nothing added, you have our word on it.


We own all the cattle, from birth to harvest. We know the genetics, the history, and the grass that went into your beef. 

The beef in the package comes from a single animal and each retail package is identified for traceability to the farm and farmer that produced it.

We think it is important for you to feel confident in the safety of Ozark Pasture Beef

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