Ozark Pasture Beef

Ozark Pasture Beef
15204 Cincinnati Rd
Fayetteville, AR

(479) 409-8772
Family Farmers Producing Top Quality, Grass-Finished Beef

Ozark Pasture Beef started as a vision among a group of family farmers in Northwest Arkansas. Our goal is to provide high quality beef produced naturally on green grass, clean country air and sunshine

Ozark Pasture Beef Produces some of the finest, grass-finished beef available anywhere. The Unique climate of the Ozarks allows us to graze virtually year round and the key to great grass-finishd beef is the grass. We intensively manage the pastures fr both quantity and quality. For without quality inputs, it is hard to make a quality product.

Grass-fed beef is very lean, low in fat and a healthy source of meat protein, much like the beef produced generations ago. If you are looking for a healthy source of beef, Ozark Pasture Beef has just what you are looking for.